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TSE 718: The Secret to Selecting the Perfect Digital Marketing Firm to Help Increase Sales

Veronica Romney, Digital Selling, The Sales Evangelist, Donald KellyThinking about social selling and hiring a digital marketing firm to do it? Not so fast, though.

Today’s guest is Veronica Romney and she’s going to shares with us some insights about what you should do and know before selecting a digital marketing company.

Veronica is the President and CEO of LoSoMo, Inc., a digital marketing agency specialized in location-based services. They help drive businesses both online and offline to bring as much relevant business to your physical store or online office.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Veronica:

The Power of Smartphone

  • It can personalize what you’re doing.
  • Everything you do will leave a digital footprint and this will change the behavior of your devices.
  • When you do a search on your phone, it’s going to localize and personalize things for you.

Biggest Mistakes People Make with Digital Marketing:

  • Underestimating what you can do
  • Underestimating what social media can do.
  • Not understanding that everything we do is trackable
  • Failure to select the right digital marketing firm

Common Red Flags to Look for in Some Digital Marketing Firms

1. Word-of-Mouth

There is no certification for SEO experts. Word-of-mouth is not as reliable unless you get that referral at the right time and at the right place.

2. Companies that only do services for one industry can duplicate their efforts.

Work with someone who only do it for a specific industry. Most companies that only work for one industry are notorious for recycling their work. They could send word-for-word copies and that could put you in danger of plagiarizing content. Or they could copy another company’s website and things could get messed up.

3. They claim they have 97% client retention rate.

Be careful to read the fine prints. Because if you leave before the year, they could take your website from you. And your website could disappear.

Characteristics of a Good Digital Marketing Company:

1. They ask you, what is going to change between now and 2-3 months from now?

If you have a reason for this, is it worth that business?

2. They build a tech relationship that is consultative and education-based.

Strategies for Selecting a Digital Marketing Firm:

  • Be aware that your business is your arena. It’s your choice to do your business.
  • What digital marketing agencies can do is to just help you.
  • Evaluate the agency whether they have hunger in what they do.

Veronica’s Major Takeaway:

Every single thing is trackable. There is nothing hidden behind some curtain of mystic. There is data behind every product in your hand.

Episode Resources:

Connect with Veronica on LoSoMo, Inc. or send her an email at vromney@losomoinc.com. Follow her on Twitter @vromney.

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Social Selling, Jack Kosakowski, The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly

TSE 201: How The Collision Of Marketing & Sales Creates Revenue In The New World Of Social Selling

Social Selling, Jack Kosakowski, The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly  Are you doing social selling? Are you confused on how to do it properly? Well, this episode with Jack Kosakowski will teach you how you can become a social seller.

Jack is a Regional Sales Manager for Act-On Software. He is the Social Selling “e-BRANDgelist.” Jack is also a social sales advisor for Chillpuck.com. He is a motivated social marketer looking to help people drive revenue.

How do you get from social to revenue?

  • Start the conversation on Twitter and then connect with them on LinkedIn to further expand the sales opportunity.
  • With social selling, you have to develop a full strategy. Each company is different, so they develop and focus on the channels/means that make sense for their business.
  • One of the first things we must do as we go out and social sell is to give TONS of value first. Many times, as salespeople, we want to GET so we don’t think about giving. Give first and then you will get.
  • Warm call- set up a strategy to do a warm call and tag the person online when you share something they produce. For someone who writes, they appreciate the fact when someone else enjoyed their content and in no time they will notice you. Then, when you call, it will be a warm call and that will be more effective for you.
  • Many salespeople say they “don’t have time to so social selling”. The best way to do this is to set apart time to do social selling activities.
  • Learn the fundamentals of selling and then seek to set yourself apart by gaining a competitive edge.
  • Be FOCUSED as a salesperson on who you want to go after.
  • Look for content that is HOT off the press and that will help you become a source.
  • Seek to become a trusted adviser and then add value to those you sell to.
  • Salespeople need to be motivated from the inside to be successful.

How can I get started with social selling?

  1. Keep it simple and shift your mindset
  2. Seek to find out who and how you can help today
  3. Next, seek to find ways that you can add value to your message
  4. Find your target buyers. Find out when they produce content online, seek the opportunity to comment and share their stuff.

How to stay in contact with Jack:


Check out Jack’s Website. 

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