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Sales Coaching

​Sellers who lack confidence struggle to succeed. Their fears deter them from the activities that produce results, so they underperform.

Many people buy into the idea that sellers are born; that extraverted person with big personalities are uniquely suited to succeed in sales.

Realistically, though, every seller must continually evolve. In an ever-changing industry, sales reps who rely on personality and natural ability alone will struggle to consistently achieve quota. They’ll never refine their sales approach because they’ll never take time to evaluate it.

On the other hand, sellers who manage their fears develop resilience. They understand that objections and rejection naturally occur as part of the sales process, and they learn to weather the ups and downs of selling. Given the right tools and skills, underperforming sellers can become top-performers.

Chaz Kochel

The best move I could have done for my career.

Hiring a sales coach was one of the best moves I could have done for my career. Not only did it show my company I was personally invested in my position, but it dramatically helps to get personalized training vs group training.  Donald was a tremendous asset to help me accomplish my goals."

Chaz Kochel  //  Formlabs

This takes time. We know as you’re expanding your organization, finding the time to effectively coach each member seems almost impossible. Don’t worry, we can help.

Here's How It Works

How it works Step 1

​​Assess Sellers' Skills

​Assess sellers skills to identify challenges and areas needing improvement.

How it works Step 2

​​Develop a Unique Coaching Plan

​Develop a unique
coaching plan.

How it works Step 3

​​​​​Deliver Coaching

​​​Implement the plan in coaching sessions.

​The frequency of coaching depends on the needs of the seller. Typically there are 1-4 sessions per month, done over Zoom.




  • ​2 One hour sessions
  • ​Full Recording of Each Session
  • ​Full Sales Assessment
  • ​Unique Action Plan
  • ​Ongoing email communication
  • ​​Weekly Check-In
Top Performer



  • ​4 One hour sessions
  • ​Full Recording of Each Session
  • ​Full Sales Assessment
  • ​Unique Action Plani
  • ​Ongoing Phone and email communication
  • ​​Weekly Check-In

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