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irst of all, congrats on your role as a sales representative. We have been where you are and know how exciting and frustrating this time of your career can be. Especially if you’re working in a small to mid-size company. You’re probably excited to close some deals and finally make good money.

But you find yourself getting frustrated because sales are not coming in. Your company doesn’t have a clearly defined sales process so you’re left spinning your wheels and forging new paths day in and day out.

Or maybe you work in a company with an excellent sales process, but you’re having a hard time overcoming your fear or rejection while prospecting.

Well, we have been there too and learned that professional selling wasn’t as difficult as we initially thought. The key is to understand three basic ideas.

  1. Have a desire/purpose (aka a why) to sell
  2. Learn the fundamental processes of selling and apply them
  3. Hustle and learn to “outwork” our yesterday

To help you, we have organized some of the BEST content relative to your specific challenges as a new sales professional. Working in difficult sales organizations is annoying. It’s not easy.

Below are some of our favorite episodes for new sales professionals.

how we define sales


ften times new sellers have a jaded idea of what selling. Many of us gained our education of professional selling from iconic movies where a slick talking, well dress character tricks someone into making a purchase. These one-sided transactions are NOT what we consider professional selling around here. Borrowing a line from my friend Bob Burg, “that’s being a con-artist”.

Early in Donald’s sales career, he was taught by his sales trainer, Bernie Croninthis definition of sales, “Assisting someone with taking action, consistent with an action they believe they should take for their benefit and for which they will pay you your price”. These types of transactions foster good will and build lasting business relationships. They require you to offer value in the form of education.

Plane and simple, sales is not about tricking, it’s about being a good problem find, being able to craft valuable solutions and educating your potential buyers to take action for their best interest. This will help you your path to a very successful career.

Sales 101

Three podcast episodes addressing the most common issues new sellers face.
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TSE Episode#1: The Art of Selling with Jeffery Gitomer

TSE Episode#307: How To Think Under Pressure While Cold Calling

TSE Episode#2: Attitude of Success with Ralph Quintero!

“to succeed in sales master the fundamentals.”

-Donald C. Kelly

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TSE Hustler’s League

A group sales coaching program offering the necessary fundamental sales skills needed to begin a successful career.

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Through our sales coaching program, new sellers gain the proper 1-on-1 guidance needed to start selling effectively.

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Top books for new sellers

The Little Red Book of Selling

Snap Selling

Fanatical Prospecting

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