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Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess, The Sales Evangelist

TSE 103: Selling In The New Luxury Market

 Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess, The Sales EvangelistYou’d probably think catering to the luxury market is all glitz and glamor. But the more you’re getting paid, the more is expected of you to bring great value to the table. In today’s episode, Marley Majcher, the events planner to the biggest stars and celebrities, shares with us some tips in dealing with the luxury market and some nuggets about charging what you’re worth.

Marley’s umbrella company is She owns a celebrity-based catering and event planning company in LA called The Party Goddess!.

Going to Georgetown for education she couldn’t manage her own company, she decided to write a book to solve her own problems around chasing revenue instead of profit. Writing her book, But Are You Making Any Money? has put her into a space of business consulting and helping entrepreneurs charge what they’re worth.

Wearing two hats, she runs her business by day and helps other businesses solve their problems by night.

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Marley:

Marley’s coolest experience being the customer was with Ruby Receptionists. Check their website here and see why people and Marley love them so much.

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Charging what you’re worth:

Selling to luxury market:

  • Providing great value for your business.
  • Luxury in the old days vs. luxury today.

Luxury today is giving your customer:

  • What they want.
  • When they want it.
  • How they want it.

Shifting how we think about the luxury market

Not judging a book by its cover

Taking yourself out of the equation

Tips in selling to a luxury market:

  • Be very tolerant.
  • Be perennially cheerful.
  • Be adaptable.
  • Be fast.

Knowing your numbers:

  • Cost of goods sold
  • Consider the time you spent to service that particular client

How to know if luxury market is for you:

  • Meditate. Pay attention to yourself.
  • How do you feel when you work with this audience?
  • Consider your chemistry with your audience.

The hardest lessons for small business owners to learn are:

Lesson 1: Saying no to other clients:

  • You have more time to service those really good clients
  • You cannot be all things to all people

Lesson 2: Charging your worth:

  • How much is the service worth.
  • Selling the convenience, ease, and peace of mind

Lesson 3: Hyper-focused customer service mentality:

  • A lot of times we are not our target audience
  • Put your brain in the mind of the client
  • Everybody has something they value.

Lesson 4: Firing a customer:

    • Be non-emotional.
    • Slow down your speech.
    • Be prepared. Stick to your guns.
  • “This is not a match.”
  • Provide them with solutions.

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Marley’s Major Takeaways:

Know your numbers.

The way to charge what you’re worth, whether with a luxury client or selling, when your numbers, not only how much it costs to provide your product or service, and even if the service is just you, and you think you don’t have cost. YOU DO!

Know how much time really it takes to service that particular client.

What client is more of a match?

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Check out Marley’s book:

TSE 048: How Phillip Taylor Developed His Hobby Into a Successful Business Part 2!

PTHere is part two of my conversation with PT and some of the take aways from the second session:

  • Create an avatar or the ideal client of people that you would purchase your product or service.
  • Seek out top influencers who are in your industry and seek out opportunities to work with them and to add value to them. They will bring you to a community of your ideal prospects.
  • By running an event, you become a thought leader in the eyes of the those you serve.

PT also educated us on the reverse pitch, which is the idea of pitching those who are pitching at you. (Listen to the episode how he masterfully does this).

What are the keys to success in sales?

  1. Have a genuine heartfelt understanding of what you offer.
  2. Think long term and how to grow relationship. Ask yourself, what can I do to provide value.
  3. Being able  to quickly find for your prospects.
  4. Being organized in your communication.

How do you overcome rejections and tough times?

  • Don’t compare yourself with others.
  • Think about the positive things going on and focus on those around you who are supporting you.
  • If you are getting depressed and feeling low, go out and help others! (Wise words from PT’s mom).

Resources that Phillip Recommended: (Information on personal finance)

Connect with PT on Twitter:



Come and listen to the episode to learn more!


TSE 047: How Phillip Taylor Developed His Hobby Into a Successful Business Part 1!

PTRecently I did an interview with Phillip Taylor (PT). He took his passion and turned it into a thriving online business. PT never considered himself as a sales person, but as he grew his hobby into a business, he recognized that sales was an important factor that his organization needed. Many entrepreneurs find themselves in the same situation where they don’t know how to sell, but have to sell. Here are some the major take away from my conversation:

What are some of the major challenges you faced as an entrepreneur?

  • Not having enough time to do all that is needed
  • Sales is tough and they don’t want to bother people
  • Not having a strong enough reach in the community
  • Not wanting to PUSH people to do something

Why do entrepreneur have a tough time selling?

Many entrepreneurs don’t want to bother people or bug them with something that they DON’T need. But if you can develop away to offer people valuable information, they will love you and come back over and over again.

How do you find people for your products or services?

Write small amount of content articles that your audience would be interested in and Google will send people to you. THINK of what your prospects/clients need and provide information related to that.

Ex: If you sell computers, maybe you can provide content such as,  “What is better, Mac or PC and why” etc.

Resources that Phillip Recommended: (Information on personal finance)

Connect with PT on Twitter:



Come and listen to the episode to learn more!