​Expert Coaching That Helps You Close More Deals

​Many small businesses and entrepreneurs struggle to capture and close sales. We offer a proven path that helps you consistently grow your pipeline, close more deals and finally stop dreading sales.

When The Perfect Pitch 

Doesn’t Close

I know exactly how rejection feels as a business owner and working with countless clients just like you. It stings. You wonder what went wrong. You’re frustrated, wonder if you’re even cut out for sales, and go right back to the drawing board.
As the Sales Evangelist, I have made a living selling for small companies for over ten years and consulted with over 100+ business owners for the last five years. I know the sales can be difficult and confusing for many but I also believe learning effective sales is achievable for everyone. That’s why I offer time-tested strategies through sales consulting session, sales team training, online tutorials, courses and offer one-on-one coaching to help my clients build their sales acumen.
My goal for you is the ability to build a reliable sales pipeline, increase your closed deals, and grow the business of your dreams. Ready to get started?

​​Close More Deals in 4 Steps

Evaluate Your Current Sales Process

We’ll take a closer look at your current sales process to define what’s going well, and what’s not going so well.

​Identify Three
Quick Wins

Right off the bat, we’ll identify three quick wins, meaning three ways you can see results, fast.

Receive An In-Depth Analysis

​Then, we’ll create an in-depth plan for repeatable sales success that anyone on your team can follow.

​Maintain Success With Tune-Up Calls

We’ll check in with you periodically for routine coaching and tune-up calls to refine processes in place and ensure ongoing growth.

Success Stories
From Our Clients

I was able to secure a $20,000 deal.

I left my initial meeting with Donald because a sales lead walked in the door for a scheduled meeting. Based on the advice Donald gave me just 5 minutes earlier, I was able to secure a $20,000 deal.

Veronica Romney  //  CEO

Donald worked one-on-one to give them the confidence
to do a really great job for us.

​​When I hired a sales staff, Donald worked one-on-one to give them the confidence to do a really great job for us. Having a professional sales staff trained to sell and serve customers and build relations with them has been the single biggest thing that has changed in our business.

Brian Orr  //  CEO

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We Don’t Just Care About Sales... We Care About You

  • Build a reliable sales pipeline with our proven sales approach.
  • Grow consistent revenue streams by closing more deals with expert techniques.
  • Experience the sales growth that your company needs with our method for repeatable results.
  • Go from dreading sales to building sustainable business relationships every day!

How to Transform Your Small Business Sales

Wondering why your small business isn’t growing the sales you desire? There are many reasons your sales pipeline may be down, or your team just isn’t closing deals. Download our free ‘Small Business Sales Transformation Checklist’ to find out how to turn this around with time-tested, proven sales techniques.

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​Reignite Your Enthusiasm
For Selling

​Isn’t ​it time selling became fun and profitable again? We will help you and your team reignite your sales enthusiasm, sharpen your skills and finally start closing more deals!